Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024

About us

“Raina Knyaginya” was founded in 1966, located in the town of Panagyurichte, situated at 90 km southeast of Sofia, at the foot of Sredna Gora Mountains. Today the company has 140 employees and specialists.

The company developed in three main productions:

  1. Production of plastic details;
  2. Production of clothes;
  3. Production of cardboard packages.

Our motto “А variety bigger than your imagination”, is to pursue innovation in product design and superior quality of products and services constantly. All of our products could be customized to meet customer's respective requirement. Our excellent quality packaging and clothes, flexible and rapid research and developing ability and competitive price had won the recognition of customers world wide.

“Raina Knyaginya” has more then 40 years experience in the field of production of plastic products, work and textile clothes and packages of cardboard and boxboard.