Thursday, 13 Jun 2024



This department is specialized in manufacturing of working garments. There are 60 working places in this department with different kinds of sewing machines:

  • General plane seaming machines “JUKI”;
  • Two needle machines “JUKI”;
  • "Straight type" buttonholes machines “JUKI”;
  • "Eye" type buttonholes machines “PEECE”;
  • Sewing buttons on machines “JUKI”;
  • Lockstich machines “JUKI”;
  • Multineedle double chain stitch machine “SINGER”;
  • Multineedle double chain stitch machine “SIRUBA”;
  • Hot stick machines RE-TEX-PFAF;
  • Plain seaming machines “SIRUBA”;
  • Seams covering machines “SIRUBA”;
  • Overlock machines “SIRUBA”.

Since 1994 we have been manufacturing working garments for some French companies with materials, supplied bay the client. Our clients are: "Molinel" and "Batrancour" (overalls, trousers, jackets est. for service - stations of "Peugeot", "Citroen", "BMW" est.). We are manufacturing special protective clothing with hot-swat stick streams system GORE-TEX. Since 2006 we are cooperation with Italian firm for distribution of specialized clothes.