Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024


 “Raina Knyaginya” wants to continue its international reach and expansion through internal growth. Its present production capacity of 3 000 000 pieces for the cosmetic packaging can be expand within a time. In order to reach this strategic goal our company is aggressively reaching out to new potential customers that are looking to alternative suppliers. For those companies that want to improve their competitive edge with superior quality products, Raina Knyaginya offers the following mix of ingredients:

  • History: 40-year local and international experience by a dedicated customer-oriented staff;
  • Technology: Quality through science driven by the latest production and formulation technologies;
  • Competitive: Highly schooled affordable production environment offers a clear competitive edge;
  • Product: Wide product range and production flexibility to adapt to the dynamic markets;
  • Capacity: Available and expandable production capacity to accompany the growth of our customers;
  • Location: Immediate proximity to some of the world ports and easily accessible to Europe's fastest growth regions.